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  • SIMEX - Sai Gon Export - Import Training Center (belonging to Saigon Import Export Training and Consulting Co., Ltd) established in 2016 by Mr. Le Sai Gon is a leading training centre in the field of import-export and logistics in Vietnam in recent years.
  • Since the beginning of establishment with only the General Foreign Trade Techniques Course in Ho Chi Minh City, up to now, thanks to the good quality of training, together with the team of 06 senior experienced lecturers, SIMEX has become the biggest provider of import-export training courses in the country. With 07 key training courses including General Foreign Trade Techniques, Intensive Training on Sales Staff/Trader, Intensive Training on Contract Administrative Assistant, Insentive Training on Freight Sales, Intensive Training on Documentary and Customs Clearance Staff, English for Import-Export, In-house Training, SIMEX has contributed, to the foreign trade field, a workforce of thousands of trainees who have good skills and expertise, that remarkably contributes to the improvement of the labor force of the foreign trade.
  • At the same time, SIMEX has expanded its network with 15 training centers across the country. Ho Chi Minh City (4), Hanoi (2), Dong Nai (1), Binh Duong (1), Tien Giang (1), Ba Ria Vung Tau (1), Da Nang (1), Hai Phong (1), Dak Lak (1), Khanh Hoa (1), Nghe An (1) and Can Tho (1).


  • With the successful training of many thousands of trainees working in the foreign trade, SIMEX is on the way to become a pioneer in the field of specialized training in each position of the foreign trade and logistics in Vietnam.
  • SIMEX wishes to become an effective bridge between the learners and the businesses in order to strongly support the recruiting demand of businesses and support the candidates to immediately meet job requirements of businesses from basic to advanced level as well.
  • Through training programs designed to provide hands-on experience to learners in the fastest way as well as to help learners master the knowledge in a profound manner, SIMEX carries the mission of directing the learners towards the goal of LEARN REAL, DO REAL.


  • To become a effectively channel to which can meet the learning needs of users in the field of foreign trade and logistics by enlarging the training system of import and export across the provinces of Vietnam;
  • To become a leading provider high-quality human resources, who have a deep knowledge of both theorical and practical issues, for foreign trade and logistics in particular and for the economy of Vietnam in general;
  • To become a leading import-export consultancy in Vietnam, where importers and importers believe and choose to start, maintain and develop business related to foreign trade and logistics.


  • By supplying the high-quality, various, and specialized training courses, SIMEX has successfully trained thousands of trainees who are working in the field of import and export and logistics.
  • The center has also trained many specialists in import-export and logistics companies such as KIWI Limited Company, GOLD LOTUS COMPANY LIMITED, KIEN VANG CO., LTD... Especially, with overtaking of many famous universities, in June 2018, SIMEX was honored to be selected as the official contractor, to implement 02 in-house training courses: Import and Export Business Course and Customs Clearance Course for 15 specialists and Managers from the Sales Dept. and Customs Dept. (E&C, P&C Dept.) for two weeks at NGHI SON REFINERY AND PETROCHEMICAL LLC - NSRP, that is the largest petrochemical refinery enterprise in Vietnam, and also is a key economic project in the development strategy of the North Central Region in particular and Vietnam in general.
  • At the same time, the center has successfully organized more than 10 seminars in the field of foreign trade and logictics, serving helpfully for the import-export community, helping members to capture the movements of the import and export field nowadays.
  • With the continuous effort, SIMEX is honored to receive the prestigious Golden Award in 2018 voted and award by the Association of Vietnam Consume;
  • Over all, SIMEX's greatest and most important achievement is to have marked a high-light point in current import-export training market, contributing to making the center become a pioneer in the field of professional import-export training activities.
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