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Free for Make-up Course - Free for Repeating Course


    SIMEX classrooms usually only accept 10 students / class, maximum 15 students / class (due to 5-6 students from previous courses coming to make up lessons), the classrooms are air-conditioned, spacious and airy. . Because the number of students per class is very small, the lecturers of SIMEX will take very good care of each student in academic matters, as well as professional support in the future. If a student misses a class, SIMEX will:

    (1) To send you the detailed notes (following the teacher's full instructions, not the brief Slide Power Point) in class;

    (2) If the student wants to make up, they will be able to make up work right away with the parallel course (because Evening class always opens at the same time as Sunday class);

    3) If you can't make up right away, you will be able to make up lessons with the following course, anytime convenient for you. If a student wants to learn the whole course again to improve and master knowledge, you can study at any time without fear of the course expiring. COMPENSATION - REPEAT is completely FREE!

    Master of Business Administration

    During lecturing time, I prefer to share about the mistakes I've made in working. Regarding to the right things, books will teach you those.

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